Throughout childhood, your little hero will experience many changes to their dental health as they mature. Even with good oral hygiene, your child may still deal with some tooth issues. There’s no need to worry though.

Your experienced team of pediatric dentists at Little Heroes in South Texas have got you covered. From cleanings to dental repairs, we know just how to help your little hero maintain their strong healthy smile, free from cavities.

Should your child be dealing with tooth decay, and a filling cannot repair the issues, a dental crown is recommended to preserve the tooth.

What is a Dental Crown

A dental crown is a cap made out of various materials which covers teeth to alleviate a variety of issues. Dental crowns can fix cracked or chipped teeth, protecting them from further erosion or decay. If your child needs a root canal, a dental crown can be put in place to protect the repairs made.

Not only can these dental aids help keep teeth strong and protect against cavities and erosion, they can also help maintain the alignment of your little one’s dental bite. When a child has a missing tooth, a bridge may be necessary to preserve spacing between teeth. Dental crowns can protect the adjacent teeth from the bridge.

Our dentists will make sure to first explain the process to your little hero while providing them with the care and attention they need to ensure a comfortable procedure. During the process of setting a crown, a numbing agent is used on the gums to alleviate pain. Pain and discomfort should subside within a couple of days.

These protective dental caps can last between 5 to 10 years. The durability depends on the maintenance of the dental crown and the material used to construct it.

It is important that you help your little hero keep their teeth healthy through good oral hygiene practice. Habits such as fingernail chewing, crunching ice, and using teeth to tear materials, should be avoided as they can weaken the strength of the crown.

Materials Used for Dental Crowns

Depending on the structure of the tooth/ teeth that needs repair, personal preference and aesthetics, and the advice from your family dentist, the material used on the crown can vary. Dental crowns can be made from a variety of materials including:

Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic material is one of the best options for a crown because of the strength of the material and because the color matches the shade of natural teeth. A dentist may recommend this as the first option, however, you still have the availability of preference.

Alloy Crowns

These crowns can be structured out of a variety of metals including gold, nickel, chromium, or palladium. The benefits of a metal dental crown are ultimately the strength and durability of their properties. Long lasting metal crowns are best suited for molars and back teeth.

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns

For aesthetic purposes with the combined strength of metal crowns, this crown is the best option. The color matching benefits of porcelain fused to metal makes it a great fit for the restoration of front or back teeth.

Stainless Steel Dental Crown

A stainless steel crown is the perfect temporary protection for little heroes baby teeth. It is a strong material that can be fitted in a single sitting. This is a very good option for teeth that are soon to fall out and need temporary crowning.

Our pediatric dentists at Little Heroes know just what it takes to keep your children’s teeth strong and vibrant. When they’re suffering from tooth damage, a dental crown can protect them from additional decay and pain. Plus, they’ll feel comfortable and safe knowing that we are there to help them battle those dastardly Sugar Bugs.

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