We know just how much your little one’s health means to you. And sometimes making sure everything is fine means a trip to the dentist. But that check-up can be one of the most terrifying experiences for a child, turning their smile upside down.

Scary tools, loud noises, and new surroundings can seem like a nightmare for kids – and even make parents nervous as well.

Your local family dentists at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry want to ensure families that their little heroes will receive the best treatment with the least amount of pain and discomfort. Our well-trained pediatric dentists can use the anesthetic Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas, to provide your child with a more comfortable experience.

If you are wondering what nitrous oxide is, and whether or not it is safe for your child, please consider the following information.

Is Nitrous Oxide safe for my Little Hero?

Pediatric appointments should be pain and anxiety free! Nitrous Oxide –  or laughing gas – is one tool we use to decrease discomfort during long dental appointments. You may have heard of laughing gas and may be wondering how safe it is for your child. This gas, when administered by a trained dentist in an appropriate dosage, is completely safe for children.

Nitrous oxide helps the dentist provide a more pleasant dental experience. A local anesthetic is used to treat the first symptoms of physical pain. If the patient still feels some slight pain, then the pediatric dentist will approve administration of the nitrous oxide.

Laughing gas is entirely safe for all ages and is often used more effectively in younger ages.

How does this gas decrease discomfort?

When administered by a trained professional, nitrous oxide is very safe and useful. During treatment, your little ones may have trouble sitting still, especially because visiting the dentist can make them quite anxious and uncomfortable. Laughing gas helps children to remain still and feel less pain during treatment. Nitrous oxide can cause a sense of euphoria, and sometimes the giggles, without adverse respiratory effects.

The gas is colorless and has a very faint sweet scent. It is not traditionally used in regular check-ups but tends to be administered for longer appointments such as a cavity filling treatment.

What makes this gas so great is that the effects are felt within 1 minute of putting on the treatment mask. If your child begins to feel pain or discomfort while undergoing treatment, the nitrous oxide can be given quickly without interrupting treatment.

How safe is the gas?

The most common side effect of nitrous oxide is vomiting and nausea. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, this only occurs in 0.5% of patients. So, the treatment is relatively risk-free when administered by an experienced pediatric dentist.

The treatment does not require fasting, however, it is recommended that children only eat a light meal before visiting the dentist.

One benefit of the gas is that it does not induce sleep. Your child will be conscious and responsive to verbal commands throughout the entire length of the procedure. Like all forms of pediatric anesthesia, only certified Little Heroes dentists will administer the nitrous oxide gas. Doctors can adjust the amount of anesthesia administered based on your child’s body weight and sensitivity levels.

Our trained pediatric dentists at Little Heroes Dentistry care about the comfort, safety, and health of your children.

Contact us today to schedule your regular check-up or other restorative treatment. Your child should feel safe and confident when receiving dental care. Our experienced team at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry have the tools to empower your child and help them achieve a brilliant smile and confidence.

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