We know that parents want the absolute best for their child and that includes the best dental care possible. By setting a healthy foundation for your child’s dental health, you help them to build positive habits that will follow them for the rest of the lives.

At Little Heroes, our Rio Grande Valley pediatric dentists have the experience and advanced technology – like intraoral cameras – needed to provide quality dental care for your little one. The pediatric dentists at Little Heroes use advanced intraoral cameras to givef patients and parents a visual and interactive experience of their child’s dental health. This technology makes visits to the dentist a breeze!

Intraoral Cameras are Highly Helpful Technology

The limited technology once used to gather a visual of a patient’s dental issues made it difficult to thoroughly examine the problem. While x-rays and physical exams were the primary tools used by dentists, intraoral cameras now allow for a whole new level of dental care.

These tools are attached to a wand that is small enough to go unnoticed and provides high-quality imaging of the mouth and teeth through a monitor.

The intraoral technology allows a deeper view of all dental issues including:

  • – Plaque formations on the teeth
  • – Cavities of the rear teeth
  • – Dental wear and cracks

What to Expect During A Visit

It is our mission to make patients feel safe and comfortable during their visit to Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry. Our highly trained pediatric dentists will perform a thorough exam of your child’s teeth using the intraoral camera, which is completely painless and non-invasive.

Patients and parents will have a view of their teeth and any potential problems the doctor encounters through a chairside monitor. The dentist will talk you through what he is noticing and express any concerns.

This provides you and your child the perfect opportunity to learn about their oral health. Parents should feel free to ask any questions regarding their child’s examination.

After the doctor has carefully examined your little hero’s teeth, they will inform you of any problems they encountered and let you know if treatment is necessary. Your interactive visual of the issue provides you with a clearer understanding of the situation and can improve your ability to make the best choice for treatment.

Remember that every child should practice a daily oral hygiene routine that incorporates:

  • – Brushing twice a day (once in the morning and once at night)
  • – Flossing once per day
  • – Rinsing with children’s mouthwash

You should also encourage a balanced diet that incorporates lots of fibrous fruits and vegetables that can assist in your little hero’s oral health.

These practices, in addition to regular visits to Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry, will prevent any major oral health issues from occurring.

Visit Little Heroes for quality dental care for your child.

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