It’s no easy task to make sure your child is keeping up with their hygiene, especially when it comes to their oral hygiene. Your child may not find brushing and flossing their teeth very fun, but lucky for you, your dedicated McAllen dentists at Little Heroes Dentistry have six foolproof tips to get your child delighted to do so.

1. Start Flossing Early

This is a huge step in getting your child to enjoy themselves. Just like brushing their teeth, flossing should be established early on. Once you get your child in the mindset that this is simply a part of their daily/nighttime routine, they won’t fight the floss.

You should always encourage your children to participate in their own oral care routine, letting them know how important it is. Never force them, however, as you run the risk of achieving the opposite of what you intended; they can see flossing as a chore and resist it.

2. Make Floss Time Fun

Kids love a little competition and this is a great tool to make floss time exciting. Create a game that’s both fun and gets the job done, for example, “Who Can Floss the Best” is a great game that will leave them feeling victorious. You can also create a game centered around what your child enjoys.

If you don’t like the idea of a game, there are also apps that you can download with a flossing timer, giving your child some visuals to floss along with.

3. Family Flossing

Simple, yet effective. For a child it’s monkey see, monkey do. Kids are more inclined to do something when they see their parents’ own hygiene habits.

Make sure to floss at the same time as your child to be a positive example and to show them the right techniques.

4. Give Rewards

As an adult, you know the benefits of flossing. But it’s hard to explain to a child just how dangerous oral bacteria and diseases are. So, instead, offer a reward of some kind. Positive reinforcement really works!

For example, after a consistent week of flossing, add an extra 30 minutes of TV before bedtime, take them to the movies, plan a fun family activity, or buy them a small toy. This type of reward will get them excited about the next week and leave them wondering about what’s in store.

5. Use a Floss Chart

Rewards don’t always have to be so extravagant. If you don’t want to compromise on TV time or giving out toys, you can always use the option of rewarding them with gold stars. Watching their floss chart fill up with stickers and gold stars will give them a sense of excitement and accomplishment. A quick Google search can help you find some free printable charts you can use.

6. Let Them Choose Their Own Floss

It’s the small stuff that really gets a kid going. One simple tip that can have a big impact is simply letting them choose the floss they want to use. This can include packaging with their favorite color or cartoon character, which will make them even more motivated to go home and use it.

Parents may also want to look into kid-friendly floss, designed for sensitive gums, and which also comes in a wide range of flavors.

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Alongside brushing and flossing, children also need to have their bi-yearly checkups.

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